Below you'll find a playlist.  Something of an imagined 'soundtrack' for certain chapters/scenes in the book.  It's just for fun and not intended to be anything official.


In some instances, I happened to be listening to the song as I wrote.  Other times, I heard it later and it just clicked for me.  It's a fairly eclectic list but I hope you'll enjoy the idea of engaging with the story in a different way, even if some of the choices aren't your style. 

And if any alternatives come to mind, or if you find yourself imagining other moments in the story set to music, I would love to hear about it!

*YouTube links are given for convenience.  The songs, not the videos, are what's important.

Listen when you reach the end of these chapters:

Chapter 1:     La Vie en Rose, Edith Piaf

Chapter 11:     Never Let Me Go, Florence + the Machine

Chapter 19:     Don't Let Me Down, The Chainsmokers

Chapter 23:     Without You, Avicii

*This song has about 2 or 3 uses of profanity in it, so I'm including an edited version as well as the original, for those of you who would prefer the option.



Chapter 24:     Meet Me, Mickey Valen


Chapter 27:     Time After Time, Eva Cassidy version

Chapter 28:     Blackbird, The Beatles




Chapter 29:     21 Guns, Green Day



Chapter 31:     La Vie en Rose, Daniela Andrade version